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Eastern Netherlands Region

Fully equipped professionals are important for the realisation of the Human Capital Agenda (HCA) of GroenvermogenNL. This requires the availability of new knowledge for initial education and training of professionals.


To be able to innovate, the objective is to establish a learning community within HCA GroenvermogenNL with a shared mission and shared ownership. As such, network and team development will form the starting point for activities in the region within the process. The activities will lead to a supported roadmap that matches the core activities and ambitions of the region.

Approach and actions

The activities intended to create a Regional Roadmap are arranged according to the team development model of Bruce Tuckman – forming, storming, norming and later performing and adjourning. Goal setting is therefore the vehicle that motivates and mobilises the region to create a cohesive and decisive consortium that is ready for investment. 

We will undertake the following activities in the first year of the project:

Forming: In this phase, we will plan activities that we will use to make connections, get to know one another, share existing activities, initiatives and ideas and initially explore ambitions and gaps. These activities will allow us to map the current ecosystem within the context of the ambitions of HCA GroenvermogenNL in the form of a regional atlas with useful and appealing visuals. 

Storming: In this phase, we foresee activities that will allow us to share and openly discuss all substantive and organisational interests and patterns. The result of these activities will be a Theory of Change visualisation to which participants commit in principle. 

Norming: This phase is intended to define and prioritise common team objectives. Activities in this phase are discussions in cluster and region sessions about the phasing, timeline and budget for the activities stated in the Theory of Change visualisation in the previous phase. The result of this phase will be the Regional Roadmap.

Intended result

By the end of the first year, we will have reached the performing phase and there will be a cohesive team in place in the region. Activities within the team will be carried out on the basis of the Theory of Change visualisation and Regional Roadmap prepared in earlier phases.