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Hydrogen guide 2023 – Excelling in hydrogen

10 May 2023

Over 60 years ago, large natural gas reserves were discovered in the Netherlands. As a result, one of the world’s most extensive and sophisticated gas grids was developed. A second gas revolution is well underway with the introduction of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen.

R&D program

24 April 2023
The R&D pillar aims to bring together all relevant national expertise on hydrogen and green electrons as basis for complex chemistry. A coordinated effort on R&D is essential not only for upscale and acceleration of hydrogen production and utilization, but also to further strengthen the collaboration between companies and knowledge institutions and stimulate new partnerships, while avoiding replication and blind spots at the national level.

Consortium Agreement Template

28 February 2023

Consortium Agreement principles & Template

Be aware! There are two documents this one and ‘Agreement principles’ on this ‘document’ page.


Consortium Agreement principles

28 February 2023

Consortium Agreement principles & Template.

Be aware! There are two documents this one and ‘Agreement Template’ on this document page.


Quickscan development green hydrogen value chain

14 February 2023

This quickscan provides insight into challenges, risks and innovative solutions around developing both large-scale (100 MW+) electrolysis projects and the wider green hydrogen value chains in the Netherlands. These insights will support GroenvermogenNL in the development of a subsidy scheme for largescale electrolysis projects, which are to be realised by 2026.


Infographic GroenvermogenNL

14 February 2023


14 February 2023