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12 December 2023 | R&D

The R&D-programme HyUSE HyUSE is conducting research into direct use of hydrogen. For this, it has a grant of over €14 million from GroenvermogenNL, and together with contributions from industry and other institutions, the programme can count on over €16.5 million. HyUSE has a duration of 6 years


28 November 2023 | Category 2, R&D

The HyTROS project, with a grant of €14 million plus over €4 million contribution from industry, can get started on applied research on and further development of hydrogen transport and storage.


18 January 2023 | Pilots and Demonstrations

The Duwaal project is working on both the supply of and demand for hydrogen in the province of Noord-Holland in order to develop a green hydrogen economy. Duwaal includes integrated hydrogen production powered by a wind turbine, high-pressure storage and transport by road to at least five refuelling locations, and the procurement and management of 100 hydrogen-powered lorries

H2 Hollandia

18 January 2023 | Pilots and Demonstrations

The H2 Hollandia project is looking into the generation of green hydrogen at solar parks. The initiators of this project – Repowered, Avitec and Novar – are joining forces to create a green hydrogen production installation at Zonnepark Vloeivelden Hollandia in Nieuw-Buinen (in the province of Drenthe).