GVNL-HCA inspirational tour

Working on the hydrogen transition together: an inspirational tour through the regions

We are on the eve of a transformation. A transformation to an energy system in which we will be using green hydrogen on a large scale. So, how are we shaping this transformation? Over the next five years, GroenvermogenNL is joining forces with regional HCA partners and others to work on the transition towards that sustainable hydrogen economy. From 15 to 22 March of this year, all of the parties gained inspiration at the Human Capital Agenda (HCA) Safari Days. It’s now time for the next step: regional HCA roadmaps for the hydrogen transition.

  • Voorwoord door Henk van Terwisga | Programma manager HCA - GroenvermogenNL
  • 1

    Northern Netherlands region

    Jan-jaap Aué | Northern Netherlands region liaison officer
  • 2

    North-western Netherlands region

    Simone Maase | North-western Netherlands region liaison officer
  • 3

    Eastern Netherlands region

    Jan Geurts van Kessel | Eastern Netherlands region liaison officer
  • 4

    Western Netherlands region

    Emile Jackson | Western Netherlands region liaison officer
  • 5

    South-western Netherlands region

    Willem den Ouden | South-western Netherlands region liaison officer
  • 6

    South-eastern Netherlands region

    Björn Koopmans | South-eastern Netherlands region liaison officer
  • National Knowledge Platform

    Marcel Koenis | project lead, National Knowledge Platform
  • Preparations for learning communities

    Jan Oosting | project lead, learning communities
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