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A coherent approach for the Netherlands

The Energy Transition is a job engine and requires more people with (partly) other skills. The labor market and training are important factors in the transition to a sustainable (hydrogen) economy. Many tens of thousands of extra workers are needed to achieve the climate goals.

GroenvermogenNL, an initiative of top sectors Energy, Chemistry and Holland High Tech, believes that new competencies are needed on a large scale. The organization is therefore committed to better education. Better quality, equality and good accessibility are central to this. This is stimulated by GroenvermogenNL through the Human Capital Agenda (HCA).

HCA GroenvermogenNL, together with all relevant parties and top sectors, draws attention to the Human Capital Agenda Energy Transition. The network has both a connecting and a driving role. In 2022, the implementation of the Human Capital Agenda for Groen VermogenNL started. The memorandum ‘Brug naar de toekomst’ (in Dutch) forms the basis for this. The first formal request for Regional Liaisons and Learning Communities was made in the last quarter of 2022 in collaboration with the SIA Regional Authority.