A coherent approach for the Netherlands

The Netherlands faces a challenging energy transition. With green hydrogen, we contribute to a climate-neutral world. This requires a plentiful supply of well-trained people, as well as active regions that are able to mobilise human capital. Intensive cooperation between education, business, government and knowledge institutions is needed. GroenvermogenNL is helping to achieve this with the Human Capital Agenda (HCA).

HCA is committed to ensuring that the well-trained talent that is essential to accelerating the green hydrogen economy is there in sufficient numbers. Both for training and for professionals who are already working in the industry. GroenvermogenNL has an integrated vision of innovation, learning and working to help accomplish the hydrogen transition. This vision offers a link between the individual programme lines. 

GroenvermogenNL is also firmly committed to skills valorisation, to more quickly translating new knowledge from innovation into the development of skills in business and education. We do this with a national agenda and regional implementation as part of the wider Human Capital Agenda for the Energy Transition. 

The Regional Roadmaps from GroenvermogenNL are designed to encourage a coherent approach with other encouragement programmes (Growth Fund, EU, etc.) that are also focused on the elimination of bottlenecks within the Human Capital Agenda. All talent is essential, and that requires a coherent and recognisable approach at both national level and for the individual regions that are due to start working with the individual programmes.

It is important that the programmes from GroenvermogenNL (Human Capital, R&D, demonstrations and pilots) reinforce one another, supplement one another and feed one another. 

2022 saw the start of implementation of the Human Capital Agenda for GroenvermogenNL, which was based on the memorandum entitled ‘Bridge to the Future’ (in Dutch). The first programmes got under way in the final quarter of 2022 with funding from the regional body SIA. In the meantime, projects and studies are in full swing in all other areas. 


The regional approach to this is central and based on five programme lines.


Knowledge areas mapped

What skills and knowledge does the hydrogen transition need? How can we make sure that there’s enough intake and what are appealing career paths? This is being mapped systematically. 


Regionale Liaisons and Learning Communities

The Regional Liaisons are working on their Regional Roadmap in six different regions. They map the ambitions for their region in terms of the energy transition and the hydrogen transition and formulate the most promising activities to help them develop a powerful Learning Community approach.


National Knowledge Platform for Hydrogen

This knowledge platform unites and makes transparent the knowledge from the R&D and upscaling programmes of GroenvermogenNL and the region. 


National Education and Training Package for Hydrogen

Working with the National Educational Research Coordinating Body (NRO), as implementing organisation, and with individual knowledge partners, GroenvermogenNL is working to improve transparency in the relevant and recognised education, schooling and training programmes that are on offer. 


Innovation and development impetus for business

GroenvermogenNL has asked research and consultancy firm Dialogic to analyse the bottlenecks that SMEs experience in operational processes and the skills that they need. The data from the analysis will support businesses with the human capital challenge that they face to overcome the hydrogen transition


The HCA GroenvermogenNL programme is being implemented by a team of national programme managers and Regional Liaisons. See all team members.


  1. GroenvermogenNL is translating this cohesion between the pillars into a single criterion or multiple criteria within all programmes, such as an overlap between the consortia. 
  2. GroenvermogenNL uses information meetings and workshops to provide information on the added value and necessity of this cohesion, and helps to bring parties together.
  3. In the Regional Roadmaps, the Liaisons indicate how cohesion (both substantive and at consortium level) is organised.

Different tools and formats are available for the programmes and projects.

Linking GroenvermogenNL pillars

It is important that the programmes from GroenvermogenNL (Human Capital, R&D, demonstrations and pilots) reinforce one another, supplement one another and feed one another. Cohesion is being shaped along three main threads under the working title ‘Connecting pillars’. 

Cohesive approach to human capital energy transition

In 2022, various incentive programs will be launched that focus on the human capital agenda of the energy transition. Coordination and consultation are necessary to prevent these from competing with each other. This also ensures proper cohesion and synergy. That is why the Top Sector Energy has taken the initiative for a coherent approach in collaboration with GroenvermogenNL. The following programs from the National Growth Fund participate in this, among others: LLO-Catalyst, Upscaling PPP Vocational Education, GroenvermogenNL, AiNed, N-puls. There is also coordination with the Just Transition Fund of the EU, the Green and Digital Jobs plan and the Technology Attack Plan