About GroenvermogenNL

What we do

GroenvermogenNL’s aim is to accelerate a fully operational market for the industrial use of green hydrogen.

GroenvermogenNL is a temporary organisation that has emerged from the programming of three top sectors (HTSM (High Tech Systems and Materials), Chemistry and Energy). The aim is to accelerate the market for green hydrogen (and green chemistry). With this in mind, GroenvermogenNL concentrates primarily on connecting and strengthening existing initiatives in relation to R&D, pilots, demonstrations and human capital.


Our ambitions

  • 5 projects before 2024


    Support the initiation of 5 projects before 2024 and invest in already initiated and running H2 projects.

    Although there is a filled pipeline, few projects have actually startedthe build-out needs to start in order to learn and overcome implementation barriers.

  • >500 MW


    Realize >500 MW production/import capacity1 directly by 2025 and make a significant contribution to the NL ambition of ​ 3-4 GW in 2030.

    Large volumes of green hydrogen are required by 2030, demanding the realization of projects that have large volume targets.

  • 2.0-2.5 EUR/kg

    Reduce costs

    Contribute to a reduction in costs for green hydrogen to 2.0-2.5 EUR/kg by 2030.

    Significant green hydrogen cost reductions are required to be competitive with grey hydrogen in the long term.

  • 4 Key industries

    Future-proof key industries

    Enable the demonstration of large-scale feasibility of transition within four key industries by 2030.

    In order to retain key industries with a high economical impact for NL their transition to green hydrogen and green chemistry needs to be secured.

  • >50 (new) companies

    Innovative ecosystem

    Promote the creation of an ecosystem of >50 (new) companies supplying high-tech components to green hydrogen & chemistry value chain by 2030.

    The Netherlands has the building blocks to build an innovative high-tech ecosystem of green hydrogen & green chemistry value chain suppliers.

  • Facilitating jobs

    Inspire new talent

    Facilitate the resourcing job vacancies in green hydrogen and green chemistry by 2030.

    To build all elements of the green hydrogen hub, many new skilled labour is required in an already hot labour market.


GroenvermogenNL explicitly seeks cooperation with the ECCM committee, the Electrolyser Makers Platform, relevant working groups under the National Hydrogen Programme (including SHIPNL), regional industry clusters working on hydrogen, bodies such as ISPT, TNO and NextGen High Tech and others who share our ambitions.

GroenvermogenNL is of relevance to these cooperating partners because, with our resources, we are in the position to initiate and support the right approaches. In addition, we can also assist the network of cooperating parties with new insights and models to help strengthen coherence throughout the chain, from production to (industrial) use of green hydrogen. Green chemistry is based on low-CO2 produced hydrogen.

The value chain 

GroenvermogenNL’s ambitions require a keen focus on where we are able to make a difference. To do this, it is important to have a clear idea of the value chain of (industrial) use of hydrogen and within that, to plot out the accents that help to bring cohesion between different activities. In doing this, we are guided in part by the initiatives and ambitions of third parties and in part by our own analyses of the areas where we can best contribute. As the market conditions relating to green hydrogen are evolving at a rapid pace, it is important to adaptively adjust the path that we follow so that maximum return can be gained from our activities, without losing focus on our ambitions. Returns from GroenvermogenNL manifest as concrete support for the accomplishment of projects and different products.


Network formation

GroenvermogenNL’s aim is to cooperate with a number of initiatives and organisations that contribute to improving the sustainability of the Netherlands and to the role of green hydrogen in particular. GroenvermogenNL’s activities are both for and by those organisations. The National Hydrogen Programme with the working groups arranged under it, and the view to Government ambitions (EU, national, regional), are important to us. Collaboration with NextGen High Tech and the Electrolyser Makers Platform helps us to strengthen the link with the manufacturing industry in the Netherlands. Regional clusters assist with concrete projects and the ambitions of businesses in their regions. Organisations, such as top sectors, ISPT, VoltaChem and TNO, share knowledge and contribute programmes on/to which GroenvermogenNL can build or contribute.

GroenvermogenNL wishes to make relevant contributions to this kind of network by deploying resources, exchanging knowledge and connecting parties with one another, as well as by clarifying the system function of hydrogen within the wider transition.