Workpackage 1

Making carbon-neutral Hydrogen

Short movie

In the film we documenting the start of the process of creating the production of carbon neutral green hydrogen.

Goal & Activities

Cost-efficient large-scale production of carbon-neutral hydrogen is a key element in the transition to a climate-neutral economy. Given the rapid rise and application of solar and wind energy, water electrolysis is a logical route. An analysis of the first projects, the estimated required capacity and the potential market shows that we are only at the beginning of the development of this new industry. This part of the program is therefore aimed at reducing the (system) costs of water electrolysis to 2.5 €/kg H2 by 2030, and at rapidly increasing the production of electrolysers. In addition, there are relevant, possibly disruptive, transition technologies that prepare the chemical industry for the use of this green hydrogen. This route simultaneously produces both carbon-neutral hydrogen and a usable carbon-based feedstock (e.g. carbon black or precursors for higher order hydrocarbons).


  • Realization of cost-efficient production of green hydrogen; specific tasks:
  • Development of the Dutch supply chain for materials, components and systems for AWE and PEM electrolysers and fuel cell stacks
  • Develop, analyze and test the performance of innovations for AWE and PEM electrolysis technologies
  • Development of low TRL AEM and SOEC electrolysis technology.R&D for transition technologies CO2 neutral hydrogen production from methane


Activities include:

  • R&D into critical components of electrolysers incl. cost targets at component level (MEA, Bipolarplate , catalyst, etc
  • AWE, PEM, AEM and SOEC electrolysis technologies
  • Development of benchmark tests, system architectures
    Small scale demonstration of pilot manufacturing line.


Transition technologies CO2 neutral hydrogen production from methane:

  • R&D
  • Realization of pilot plant Hüls process) in 2022 and demo plant in 2025


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