Grants and tools

Are you a business owner looking to reduce the energy you use in your production process? Do you have an innovative technology that allows you to emit less CO2? You can apply for a grant from the Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+) scheme for the pilot or demonstration projects that your business carries out.    

Demonstration scheme for projects larger than 100 MW

A separate scheme is available for projects of significant size in TRL 7 to 9 for which around €480 m is available. The scheme will be ready for public consultation in April 2023. Following a notification for state aid review in Brussels, the scheme is expected to go live in September or October of 2023.

TRL 7 Demonstration of prototype in operational environment

TRL 8 Product/service is complete and operational but not yet at market launch stage

TRL 9 Product/service is ready for market launch

The scheme is intended for projects with a size of 100+ MW of electrolysis capacity for use in one of the following industries:

  • Green steel
  • Green chemistry
  • Green artificial fertiliser
  • Green aviation/marine fuels

The scheme is primarily designed for learning at this scale. Those learning experiences will then be used to improve upscaling to GW level in industry. As the manufacturing industry is of importance to the earnings capacity of the Netherlands and it is assumed that there are, at present, no Dutch parties who are (yet) able to provide systems on a scale of 100+ MW, the scheme also offers the opportunity for smaller scale demonstration (10 to 20 MW). This is conditional on facilitating a more extensive learning experience for parts of the manufacturing industry, where the cost price reduction of the green hydrogen product offers significant opportunity.