PL-4: National Education and Training Package for Hydrogen

Together with the NRO Directorate we operationalize and supervise investigations and support activities

Transparency in relevant programmes

Working with the National Educational Research Coordinating Body (NRO), as implementing organisation and knowledge partner, GroenvermogenNL works to improve transparency in the relevant and recognised education, schooling and training programmes that are on offer.


Technopolis and Hutspot are jointly researching the initial supply and KPMG is analysing the post-initial supply. These research organisations are working together to develop a framework to unlock these programmes logically and systematically. On this basis, it will then be possible to investigate the opportunities that are available to make the offer more effective, more cost effective and of higher quality.

This national research is helping GroenvermogenNL to work with businesses to develop targeted investment programmes for learning and development, and education programmes.

The aim of the National Board for Educational Research (NRO) is to use knowledge from research to improve the quality of Dutch education. The NRO does this by coordinating and financing educational research, and by making results accessible and usable for educational practice and educational policy.