PL-2: ‘Regional Liaisons and Learning Communities’ 

Six regions (and their Liaisons) have set to work on their Roadmaps and two transcending processes have started: preparation for Learning Communities and the National Knowledge Platform.

Regional roadmaps

The Regional Liaisons are working on their Regional Roadmap in six different regions. They map the ambitions for their region in terms of the energy transition and the hydrogen transition and formulate the most promising activities in order to develop a powerful Learning Community approach. This approach involves consortia of businesses, education and research working together to quickly establish the essential skills in their region.

Professionalisation of teachers

In addition to the Regional Roadmaps, the Liaisons are also working on national topics, such as the professionalisation of teachers. This involves collaboration on preparatory activities for the Learning Communities.  The SIA regional body is the implementing organisation.

An initial professionalisation pilot for teachers has already been successfully completed


6 Regions

These are the six regions in which the Regional Liaisons are working on their Regional Roadmap.