Program until 2028

Together we go for green hydrogen in the Netherlands

GroenvermogenNL is the programme for green capacity for the Dutch economy and society. With this, the Netherlands will be able to build a new industry and an appealing business climate. This transition will require well-trained people as well as a robust structure of knowledge sharing.


Like the rest of the world, the Netherlands is faced with an immense climate challenge. Our fossil-based society and industry needs to undergo a transformation. The Netherlands’ approach to this is to use green hydrogen as a tractive force to support the transition. GroenvermogenNL is thus the programme for green capacity for the Dutch economy and society.

The programme will run until 2028 and is attracting considerable interest from Dutch parties for the initiating, testing and upscaling of hydrogen projects. 

The potential of hydrogen and sustainably generated electrons for green chemistry is high. GroenvermogenNL intends to make a major contribution to the upscaling of climate-neutral hydrogen and use of green electrons in energy-intensive industries.

With an integrated approach, we help to ensure a robust national ecosystem of innovation for hydrogen production and use. This ecosystem already exists in part and encompasses businesses and knowledge institutions that are involved in the energy, chemicals and manufacturing industries. The focus now is on using the smartest solutions to make better use of knowledge and expertise – by facilitating collaboration between businesses and knowledge institutions in these industries and encouraging them to work towards a common goal within specific programmes. The following are needed to strengthen the ecosystem and help the Netherlands take the lead in Europe:

  1. Research and Development; the coordination of research and innovation
  2. Pilot projects; the accomplishment of small-scale hydrogen projects 
  3. Demonstration projects; the accomplishment of hydrogen projects on a serious scale 
  4. Human Capital Agenda, for sufficiently trained personnel

Together, we’re working towards green hydrogen in the Netherlands and thus making a major contribution to a climate-neutral world.

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