Workpackage 2

Transport and storage of Hydrogen

Research is needed into the large-scale storage of hydrogen in, for example, tanks, cylinders or in salt quarries and other underground storage capacity.


Consortium emerged from workshops Transport and storage of hydrogen [wp2]

GVNL 2023 Aftermovie WP2 workshop | transport and storage of hydrogen

This is a unique project that will contribute to changing energy consumption in the future. We have brought together various parties from industry and research and knowledge institutions. This has led to a wonderful consortium with many decisive possibilities.

We are committed to working together towards a more sustainable future and we believe our project will contribute to this

Goal & Activities

So far, transport and storage of hydrogen are limited because almost all hydrogen is taken up directly as an energy carrier and feedstock in industry. With the scaling up of hydrogen production for deployment in the energy system, it is necessary to examine whether and to what extent the existing intensive transmission and distribution network for natural gas – that is present in our country and connects us to surrounding countries – can be used in a safe and acceptable manner for the transport of hydrogen. The question also arises as to whether the gas grid requires modification or expansion for the purpose of hydrogen transportation, for example due to installation of large-scale electrolysis capacity. Safety is the key requirement here, not only of the transportation system but also of the various applications and storage of hydrogen. Therefore, research is needed into the large-scale storage of hydrogen in, for example, tanks, cylinders or salt caverns and other underground storage capacity.

This work package focuses on managing:

  • Grid requirements for gas quality and pressure issues for hydrogen transportation,
  • Safety issues related to the entire hydrogen value chain and organization Safety issues with them
  • Scaling up the introduction of hydrogen from local to national energy systems
  • Design issues to an international hydrogen network including the role of the North Sea energy
  • Offshore hydrogen production, conversion, transportation and storage
  • Multidisciplinary aspects of large-scale hydrogen storage in salt caverns and empty gas fields, onshore and offshore


Activities include:

  • Knowledge development in the field of transport and storage infrastructure.
  • Development of safety standards incl. setting up a national safety center H2 transport and storage.
  • Development roadmap for transition in NW Europe.
    Analysis and optimization offshore hydrogen production, conversion, transport and storage.

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GVNL 2023 Aftermovie WP2 workshop | transport and storage of hydrogen

A unique project that aims to revolutionize energy usage and contribute towards a more sustainable future. Our consortium comprises of leading industry and research institutions, who have come together to bring about a remarkable change in the energy sector.

We firmly believe that this project will pave the way for new opportunities, as we work towards creating a more sustainable tomorrow. We are committed to collaborating and utilizing our collective knowledge and expertise, to make a positive impact on the environment.