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Generating green hydrogen at solar parks

The H2 Hollandia project is looking into the generation of green hydrogen at solar parks. The initiators of this project – Repowered, Avitec and Novar – are joining forces to create a green hydrogen production installation at Zonnepark Vloeivelden Hollandia in Nieuw-Buinen (in the province of Drenthe). The aim is to start producing green hydrogen by using some of the solar energy that is generated at Vloeivelden Hollandia by early 2024. The installation of a 5 MW electrolyser at the 115 MWp Vloeivelden solar park will enable the project to produce approximately 300,000 kg of hydrogen annually. This will reduce curtailment (i.e. power that cannot be supplied to the grid and is therefore lost) at the park by half

100% green hydrogen

With its 300,000 solar panels, the Vloeivelden Hollandia solar park in Nieuw-Buinen generates more electricity than it can supply to the electricity grid. In order to put this green electricity to good use, it is going to be used to produce 100% green hydrogen. The hydrogen can then be converted back into usable energy at any time. 

Because of its direct connection to the solar park, this hydrogen will not be produced using electricity from the grid. The electrolyser will use solar power from the park before it enters the grid. On sunny days, when the solar park generates an excess of energy, the electrolyser can turn part of that excess into hydrogen. In fact, the H2 Hollandia project will be able to use almost half of all the excess power that cannot be supplied to the grid in order to produce hydrogen.

Green hydrogen by H2 Hollandia

The hydrogen produced at H2 Hollandia will be loaded into tube trailers on location. These are lorries fitted with high-pressure cylinders that can be used to transport the hydrogen. The buyer of H2 Hollandia will use these tube trailers to transport the hydrogen to the end users, such as fuel stations for heavy transport. In addition to the production of hydrogen, the production process will also produce pure oxygen. This can be used to aerate water in treatment plants, for instance.


The H2 Hollandia consortium consists of Repowered, Avitec and Novar.  


Hollandia was able to build the 5 MW PEM electrolyser with a direct connection to the solar park thanks to a DEI+ grant. The electrolyser will make it possible to convert electricity from the solar panels into hydrogen.
You can read more about the H2 Hollandia project on the Novar website