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30 October 2023 | R&D

New GroenvermogenNL R&D Consortium HyUSE starts on research into the direct use of hydrogen

25 October 2023 | R&D

€10 million available for grants for research on hydrogen and green chemistry

The subsidy for the Topsector Energie (TSE) Industry studies has been expanded to include the program line for hydrogen and green chemistry (GroenvermogenNL). This subsidy supports entrepreneurs in researching the feasibility of innovative projects with a focus on hydrogen and green chemistry. This new program line has a budget of €10 million and opens on October 26. 

19 October 2023 | R&D

Subsidy scheme for carbon-neutral hydrogen production. Register now for the information session on Thursday November 9 in Utrecht

Do you want to participate and be at the forefront of the promising developments around green hydrogen? Sign up now for the information session on our new subsidy scheme on Thursday, November 9th in Utrecht.

3 October 2023 | R&D

The first R&D program GroenvermogenNL: HyTROS

workshop HyTROS
20 July 2023 | R&D

Work Package 7 opened, register for the call now! Work Package 1 to follow in September.

On 19 July, Work Package 7 (WP7) of GroenvermogenNL’s R&D programme was opened. Knowledge institutions and companies can now register to take part in a single project plan focusing on the socio-economic aspects of implementing hydrogen. Work Package 1 (WP1) will also open after the summer holidays.

22 June 2023 | GVNL, R&D

Reopening of DEI+ funding scheme: Hydrogen and Green Chemistry (GroenvermogenNL)

The Demonstration of Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+) funding scheme for Hydrogen and Green Chemistry (GroenvermogenNL) will reopen on 3 July. The scheme promotes the development of innovative products and services aimed at producing, transporting and storing hydrogen, as well as its application

13 June 2023 | R&D

Consortium finalises project proposal for the direct use of green hydrogen

At the start of June, the second and final workshop in Work Package 3 (WP3) of the R&D programme of GroenvermogenNL was completed successfully.

12 June 2023 | R&D

Call for R&D Programme Work Packages 1 and 7 expected to open in July

The call for Work Packages 1 and 7 of GroenvermogenNL’s R&D programme is expected to open in the second half of July