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500 million extra for green hydrogen and chemistry via GroenvermogenNL

The GroenvermogenNL growth fund program will receive an additional 500 million euros to accelerate the realization of a green hydrogen ecosystem in the Netherlands. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, chairman of the National Growth Fund, announced this on 14 April. With this, GroenvermogenNL accelerates the production and use of green hydrogen and related technology in various industrial chains, such as chemistry, kerosene, steel or fertilizer. Besides the fact that this is good for the climate and earning capacity, GroenvermogenNL also strengthens the opportunities for the Dutch manufacturing industry in the field of green hydrogen.

Human Capital Agenda GroenvermogenNL: Bridge to the future now online

A few months ago, the Writing Team of GroenvermogenNL commissioned the further elaboration and operationalization of the Human Capital Agenda (HCA) for the programme. They were asked to do this before 2022 and to outline a multi-year perspective.

Experienced and driven programme board of GroenvermogenNL has started

Marjan Oudeman, Paulien Herder and Paul de Krom will take office on 14 February 2022 as the programme board for the growth fund programme GroenvermogenNL.

2022 crucial year for Dutch ambitions for hydrogen and green chemistry

On Tuesday 7 December, the top executives from the business community and the knowledge world made further agreements during the third round table ‘Hydrogen and Green Chemistry’ about the scaling up of technology and the intensification of research and innovation.

Industry prepares for start of GroenvermogenNL

Hydrogen promises to play an important role in the energy transition and green chemistry. GroenvermogenNL is one of the first programs awarded funding from the National Growth Fund to build on the potential and upscaling of hydrogen and green chemistry.

Industry and knowledge world make agreements about Dutch upscaling hydrogen and green chemistry

Innovation, research and upscaling essential for achieving the climate goals During the second round table ‘Hydrogen and Green Chemistry’, the top of the business community and the knowledge world made agreements about the upscaling of technology and the intensification of research and innovation.

Chairs Top Sectors pleased with the first impulse from Groeifonds voor GroenvermogenNL

With an investment of € 338 million from the National Growth Fund, top sectors ChemistryNL, Energy and High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM), together with industrial partners and knowledge partners, are building the opportunities of hydrogen for the energy transition and in green chemistry.