The subsidy for the Topsector Energie (TSE) Industry studies has been expanded to include the program line for hydrogen and green chemistry (GroenvermogenNL). This subsidy supports entrepreneurs in researching the feasibility of innovative projects with a focus on hydrogen and green chemistry. This new program line has a budget of €10 million and opens on October 26. 

The subsidy from this program line of GroenvermogenNL is intended for feasibility studies on the production of green hydrogen, the transportation and storage of hydrogen carriers, the application of hydrogen carriers and green electrons, and the production of water electrolysis technology. For example, studies on the use of innovative electrolyzers can be submitted, as well as studies on hydrogen carrier import chains. 

Boosting the hydrogen economy 

With the new program line, it is clearly described which types of projects are eligible for subsidies in the field of hydrogen. It can include studies on the entire hydrogen chain, as well as studies specifically focused on hydrogen production, transportation, storage, the use of hydrogen, and the production of (components of) electrolyzers. With this, GroenvermogenNL hopes to stimulate new projects and give a boost to the hydrogen economy. 

Themes of the program line offer many possibilities 

The program line consists of four themes that describe the directions in which hydrogen projects can go. You can view these themes on the regulations page of RVO. With the subsidy, companies can create a comprehensive technical and economic analysis for their unique hydrogen or green chemistry project. 


Amounts and opening 

GroenvermogenNL has €10 million available for this hydrogen and green chemistry program line. A maximum of €2 million is available per project. 

The hydrogen program line opens on October 25, 2023. The closing date is March 31 at 5:00 PM.