GroenvermogenNL together with NWO are organizing an information session for the upcoming call of Work Package 4 of GroenvermogenNL R&D: Hydrogen and green electrons for carbon-based chemistry. The session will take place during the GroeneWaterstofHuisNL Conference on Friday, September 27. Therefore it is an excellent chance to also connect with the wider hydrogen and green chemistry community in the Netherlands. The call is expected to be opened during the same period in September. The information session is designed to explain specifics of the call, the process of forming an R&D consortium, and also for relevant parties to network.  

Do you want to work with other companies and knowledge institutions on innovations for the chemical industry, for example? Do you see an opportunity to apply carbon-neutral hydrogen and green electrons as an alternative to fossil sources such as oil and natural gas? Then register now for the information session.

The chemical industry plays an important role in the energy transition. Not only because of the sector’s great economic significance. The sector can also make an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by opting for green chemistry and green electrons. This is why GroenvermogenNL is focusing on green chemistry in the new phase of the R&D program.

Content of call: clean and circular chemistry

With the new call, GroenvermogenNL wants to contribute to a clean and circular chemical industry. It concerns the use of hydrogen and green electrons for the production of carbon-based chemicals. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions in this process. Consider R&D at TRL levels 2-6 in the areas of:

  • Direct use of carbon-neutral hydrogen to convert CO2 into carbon-based fuels and platform chemicals.
  • Direct use of carbon-neutral electrons to heat chemical processes to produce carbon-based fuels and platform chemicals.
  • Direct use of carbon-neutral electrons to convert CO2 or CO into carbon-based fuels and platform chemicals.
  • Improve conversion and efficiency through smart combinations and plant and site integration, taking into account intermittent production.

Special procedure: one consortium, one project plan

The call will be implemented by NWO. We have chosen a special procedure:

  • Demand from industry is central to the research
  • Companies can also apply for funding (for up to 40%).
  • There is no competition between grant applicants. Parties work together on one project plan.
  • Beforehand, parties participate in two workshops of 2.5 days each. These will take place in December 2024 and January 2025..

Grant budget and opening

A grant budget of €35 million is available for the call. The call is expected to open after the summer. From then on, you can register as a company or knowledge institution to work together on a project plan during two workshops.

Information session on Friday, September 27

Would you like to know more about the call for the use of green hydrogen and electrons for carbon chemistry, and what the workshop and consortium process will entail? Then take part in the information session we are organizing together with NWO on Friday, September 27. The session is from 14:00 to 15:30 and will take place during the event the GroeneWaterstofHuisNL in Hilversum. During the session we will discuss the content and practicalities of the call. There is also plenty of room to ask questions and to network. Don’t miss this opportunity!

More information

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