On 19 July, Work Package 7 (WP7) of GroenvermogenNL’s R&D programme was opened. Knowledge institutions and companies can now register to take part in a single project plan focusing on the socio-economic aspects of implementing hydrogen. Work Package 1 (WP1) will also open after the summer holidays.

WP7: socio-economic aspects of hydrogen

WP7 focuses on the socio-economic factors that are relevant to the introduction of hydrogen into the energy system and the possibilities and requirements for rapid and significant upscaling. The research will revolve around issues such as public support, regulation, safety, and sustainable business models.

Subsidy budget increased to €12 million

GroenvermogenNL has chosen to open WP7 with the full budget. Due to the approvals required, WP7 is opening with a total amount of funding of €5.2 million, which will be increased to €12 million while the project is open.

The deadline for registration is 19 September

Together with NWO, the executive organization, GroenvermogenNL will hold an extra online information session on WP7 at the beginning of September. Interested parties have until Tuesday 19 September to register for the call. They can then take part in a series of workshops focusing on a single joint project plan. The workshops will take place between 30 October and 1 November, and between 15 and 17 November.

For the opening of WP7, visit the NWO website.


WP1: producing carbon-neutral hydrogen The aim of WP1 is to accelerate the large-scale, cost-efficient production of carbon-neutral hydrogen.

Opening in September

In order to accelerate the process further, it has been decided to use all of the WP1 subsidy budget in one go. The executive organisation NWO is still awaiting a decision from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) regarding the expanded subsidy budget. This decision is expected during the summer recess, meaning that the call for WP1 will open after the summer. If this is the case, an in-person information session will be held on location at the start of October. This would mean that parties would have until around the beginning of November to register.


More information
Register here for the online information session on WP7

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· regarding WP7 by emailing Sofia Derossi or Maryam Alimoradi Jazi, s.derossi@groenvermogennl.org or m.alimoradijazi@groenvermogennl.org

For the opening of WP7, visit the NWO website.

GroenvermogenNL: versneld gebruik groene waterstof GroenvermogenNL is een programma van het Nationaal Groeifonds. Het wil het gebruik van groene waterstof in de Nederlandse industrie stimuleren en versnellen door in te zetten op R&D, pilotprojecten, demonstraties en Human Capital Agenda. Hiervoor is tot en met 2028 een budget gereserveerd van in totaal € 838 miljoen.