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The most important questions about GroenvermogenNL answered.

About GroenvermogenNL

Who & What?

GroenvermogenNL has been submitted to the Growth Fund by EZK, on ​​the instructions and under the responsibility of the joint top sectors Chemistry, Energy and Holland High Tech in collaboration with their partners from industry, knowledge institutions and the government.

The day-to-day management of GroenvermogenNL is in the hands of a programme board. The programme board will ensure further implementation of the governance of GroenvermogenNL as soon as possible, in accordance with the approved growth fund proposal. A support office will also be set up.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy will decide on the publication of the proposals and they are not yet freely available. You can, however, view the summary and the graphic summary here.

The detailed assessment of the committee can be found here. The expert reports can be found here

De organisation

Resources & Possibilities

GroenvermogenNL has received an award and a reservation:

  • An award of €73 million is intended for the first phase of the programme and consists of: first hydrogen projects (€30 million), research (€33.7 million), human capital (€4.8 million) and program management (€4 .5 million);
  • A reservation of €265 million is earmarked for the second phase of the program and consists of: first hydrogen projects (€70 million), research (€134 million), human capital (€42.6 million) and program management (€18.0 ) million. The program board is expected to enter into discussions with the Growth Fund Committee in the autumn of 2022 to convert the reservation into an award
  • The plan should be fine-tuned on the basis of an evaluation after the first year.
  • Sufficient progress must have been made, including on the established KPIs.
  • The submitters make agreements with the committee about the following milestones and evaluation moments. As part of this, a visitation of international experts will be organized two years after the start of the programme.

The committee has advised the cabinet not to fund the 100MW electrolysers (€200 million) and the large-scale hydrogen applications (€200 million). The top sectors involved have asked representatives from the business community to write a more refined application. This new application, GroenvermogenNL, was submitted with a requested budget of €500 million in the second round of the National Growth Fund.

  • The tender for small-scale pilot and demonstration projects of GroenvermogenNL will be carried out within the Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+) scheme. For this purpose, a separate Sub-Fund GroenvermogenNL will be created in the DEI+, which will give effect to the specific objectives of the growth fund program in a modified DEI+ scheme. Granted DEI+ projects will be included in the GroenvermogenNL programme to promote collaboration with the R&D program and HCA.
  • For the R&D program component, NWO, in collaboration with RVO, will carry out sandpit procedures to program one multi-year (8-year) program line with large consortia.
  • For the HCA program component, existing instruments at NWO/SIA and RVO will be used as much as possible. At the beginning of 2022, the HCA managers of the Top Sectors drew up an implementation plan in collaboration with representatives of all stakeholders (including regional knowledge clusters, the business community, national and regional governments)

Work packages & Participation

Rates, co-financing requirements, agreements on IP, etc. are elaborated by NWO and RVO in the sandpit procedure. The experiences of companies with schemes at RVO and NWO are included in this. You can send your questions or suggestions to secretariaat@groenvermogennl.org.

  • In short, relevant partners are selected for each work package/program line to develop a work package and reach an agreement in a multi-day workshop who does what and when. The consortium, which forms during the workshop, then takes 2-3 months to further develop a proposal. An evaluation committee assesses the quality of the proposal. NWO grants the proposal. There is no competition with other proposals. The board of GroenvermogenNL advises on the participation, procedure and the substantive focus of the sandpits. The procedure is carried out jointly by NWO and RVO.
  • In the autumn of 2021, information sessions were organized with representatives of the knowledge institutions and the business community. The aim of these sessions was to prepare both companies and knowledge institutions for the sandpit procedures and at the same time to obtain input on how to set them up. The presentations of these sessions can be found here