The most important questions about GroenvermogenNL answered.

About GroenvermogenNL

What is GroenvermogenNL? 

GroenvermogenNL aims to expedite the establishment of an ecosystem for green hydrogen and green chemistry in the Netherlands. The program focuses on the production and utilization of green hydrogen and related technologies in various industrial chains, including chemistry, kerosene, steel, and fertilizers. In addition to addressing climate concerns and enhancing economic potential, GroenvermogenNL also strengthens opportunities for the Dutch manufacturing industry in the field of green hydrogen and green chemistry.

The GroenvermogenNL program covers the entire chain from production and infrastructure to various applications. Moreover, the program is highly interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral, involving researchers with diverse backgrounds as well as experts from companies and educational institutions with their own perspectives. Companies from the energy, chemistry, and high-tech sectors collaborate closely within GroenvermogenNL.

The GroenvermogenNL program is scheduled until 2028 and receives a (partially conditional) contribution of €838 million from the National Growth Fund.

GroenvermogenNL is a collaborative initiative from ChemistryNL, Holland HighTech (Topsector High Tech Systems and Materials), and Topsector Energy. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate is responsible for the program.

GroenvermogenNL closely collaborates with partners from industry, research institutions, and the government, including Nobian/HyCC, Shell, Air Liquide, DOW, VDL, OCI Nitrogen, BP, Yara, Ørsted, Siemens, Avantium, Hygear, Hyet, TataSteel, Vattenfall, Zeeland Refinery, MTSA, Bosch, SkyNRG, FME, BASF, Port of Rotterdam, Port of Amsterdam, Smart Delta Resources (SDR), Chemelot, Brainport, knowledge partners (TNO/VoltaChem, AMCEL (UvA), EIRES (TU/e), e-Refinery (TUD), ARC CBBC (UU, TU/e, RUG), CEI (UT), Urgenda, Natuur & Milieu, VEMW, VNCI, FME, Gasunie, ECCM, Electrolysis Makers Platform.

The daily management of GroenvermogenNL is overseen by the program board. The program board is responsible for the implementation of the GroenvermogenNL program.

The program office of GroenvermogenNL is composed of specialists in management, communication, internationalization, and human capital. Our program managers focus, among other things, on the R&D work packages. The team of the HCA program has a network of regional liaisons.

De organisation

Resources & Possibilities

The application for GroenvermogenNL involves a total of €838 million from the National Growth Fund. -> € 541 miljoen has been awarded and € 297 miljoen has been conditionally awarded.

The amount awarded consists of:

  • €62 million for innovative pilots and small demos, and €38 million conditional
  • €177 million for R&D projects
  • €50 million for human capital and education programs
  • €242 million for scale-up projects and €250 million conditional
  • €19 million in implementation costs, of which €9 million is conditional
  • The tender for small-scale pilot and demonstration projects of GroenvermogenNL is conducted within the framework of the Demonstratie Energie- en Klimaatinnovatie (DEI+) scheme. For this purpose, a separate compartment named GroenvermogenNL has been created within DEI+ to address the specific objectives of the program. Approved DEI+ projects become part of the GroenvermogenNL program and establish cross-over connections with the R&D program and the Human Capital Agenda.
  • For the R&D program, NWO, in collaboration with RVO, conducts sandpit procedures to program one program line with large consortia over several years (8 years).
  • The HCA program maximizes the use of existing instruments at NWO/SIA and RVO.
  • The tender for small-scale pilot and demonstration projects of GroenvermogenNL will be carried out within the Demonstration Energy and Climate Innovation (DEI+) scheme. For this purpose, a separate Sub-Fund GroenvermogenNL will be created in the DEI+, which will give effect to the specific objectives of the growth fund program in a modified DEI+ scheme. Granted DEI+ projects will be included in the GroenvermogenNL programme to promote collaboration with the R&D program and HCA.
  • For the R&D program component, NWO, in collaboration with RVO, will carry out sandpit procedures to program one multi-year (8-year) program line with large consortia.
  • For the HCA program component, existing instruments at NWO/SIA and RVO will be used as much as possible. At the beginning of 2022, the HCA managers of the Top Sectors drew up an implementation plan in collaboration with representatives of all stakeholders (including regional knowledge clusters, the business community, national and regional governments)

Work packages & Participation

Rates, co-financing requirements, agreements on intellectual property, etc., are detailed in the sandpit procedure by NWO and RVO. Any questions or suggestions regarding this can be sent to secretariaat@groenvermogennl.org.
For inquiries about the work packages, please contact program manager Maryam Alimoradi Jazi at m.alimoradijazi@groenvermogennl.org.

For each work package of the R&D program, relevant partners are selected to develop a work package and reach an agreement on responsibilities and timelines through workshops. Subsequently, the consortium formed during this workshop has 2-3 months to further develop a proposal. An evaluation committee assesses the quality of the proposal, and NWO grants approval. There is no competition with other proposals. The board of GroenvermogenNL provides advice on participation, procedure, and the substantive focus of the sandpits. The procedure is jointly conducted by NWO and RVO.