Over 30 knowledge institutions and industry parties have registered to be part of foundational research into the transport and storage of hydrogen. In March, they will be participating in a multi-workshop programme for Work Package 2 under GroenvermogenNL’s R&D programme. The goal of this initial phase is to submit a joint project proposal in May. 

Hydrogen will be a crucial element in the energy transition. The Netherlands’ current ambitions include a massive upscaling of the production of green hydrogen. This, however, will require addressing significant issues with research and innovation. Work Package 2 is focussed specifically on the transport and storage of hydrogen. Can the current natural gas network be used safely and palatably for these purposes? What are the options for large-scale storage of hydrogen and hydrogen carriers in infrastructure like tanks, cylinders or salt caverns?  

 Workshops in March, project proposal in May 

There has proven to be a great deal of interest in the field for the issues surrounding the transport and storage of hydrogen. Work Package 2 was open for registrations up until the beginning of December, and by the closing date, over 30 academic institutions, universities of applied sciences and other knowledge institutions, along with public and private organisations, had registered.  

This number is an indicator of serious interest and commitment (not only in time, but particularly for industry parties, financial commitment as well) to invest in this area. We are also pleased to see the balance in the ratio of academic to industry parties.  

All registered parties will now begin exploring the relevant issues together in a series of two workshops. They are then to submit a joint project proposal as a single consortium no later than 23 May. The potential funding available for the project, if awarded, is in excess of €14 million. 

GroenvermogenNL: accelerated use of green hydrogen  

GroenvermogenNL is a programme of the Dutch National Growth Fund (Nationaal Groeifonds). Its goal is to stimulate and accelerate the use of green hydrogen in Dutch industry by facilitating research & development, pilot projects, demonstrations, and the Human Capital Agenda. The National Growth Fund has a budget reserved for these goals in a total amount of €838 million through 2028.  

More information 

To learn more about Work Package 2, visit the website of GroenvermogenNL or the implementing body NWO (the Dutch Research Council). Any questions about this Work Package or the R&D programme may be directed to Maryam Alimoradijazi, Programme Manager R&D: m.alimoradijazi@groenvermogennl.org.