What should test facilities look like in NL? Utility and necessity of test facilities.

Harry van Dijk

Harry is a Chemical Engineer by background supplemented with an MBA. He has worked since 1988 in the refining and chemical process industry in over 20 countries. In this period, he has lived for 12 years in Singapore, Malaysia and the UAE. Roles range from R&D, Engineering and Operational support, Business development and Project development.

Since 2016 Harry has focused on supporting the industry in NL to become more sustainable. Next to GroenvermogenNL he has done so on behalf of organisations such as Deltalinqs, ISPT, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam and TKI E&I.

Rombout Swanborn

Rombout is a successful serial entrepreneur and founder of several businesses based around oilfield processing and renewable energy technologies. In the Oil & Gas industry these businesses have enabled to lower upstream costs and increase recoverable reserves, while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint of oil & gas production. On the renewable energy side his business include the HyET Group, which focuses on accelerating the energy transition. The HyET Group encompasses various activities, ranging from generating cost-effective renewable power using Solar PV to the production of Synthetic Aviation Fuels.

Besides these activities, he pursues his passion for nature conservancy in his role as chairman of Africa’s Eden, with several long-running projects in Gabon and São Tomé & Príncipe.

Rombout has PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University Delft, The Netherlands.

Peter van Hooft

After obtaining the Ph.D. degree in Bio-Organic Chemistry at the Leiden University, he started his career at TNO as Research Scientist in 2001. In the successive years he occupied various other functions amongst others Project Manager, Senior Business Developer and Head of Department. In 2013, he directed his attention towards Singapore and the region. The TNO SEA business plan was accepted in the summer of 2013. Successively, under his supervision the office grew in leads, project portfolio and local staff. As branch Office Manager, he was responsible for all operations and sales in Singapore and the South East Asia region. In 2020, Peter was appointed as Deputy Director of Operations of the Unit Energy Transition. In this function he coordinated several dossiers on behalf of the management team of the Unit, such as QSHE, portfolio management, valorisation of IP and reducing red tape.

As operational program manager at the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification (FLIE), he was tasked in May 2021 to set-up the infrastructure of the pilot hall. Since July 2022 Peter acts as Director of FLIE. In his work, Peter is eager to create and build new collaborations. Due to his vast experience in the area of business development as well as operational management, he successfully brings together the stakeholders to translate ideas into realities.

The energy transition in the Industry requires collaboration in public private partnerships, in order to overcome the challenges with regards to our human capital, technologies and legal framework. In his job as Director FLIE, Peter will focus on orchestrating these partnerships with end-users, suppliers and governmental agencies.