Programme GroeneWaterstofHuisNL


Read more about the complete programme this day here. An interesting programme for all parties in the hydrogen value chain. Also check out all the Parallel Sessions and make your choice in the sessions of interest to you when you register.

09.30: GroeneWaterstofHuisNL opens its doors

You are welcome in our house for a nice cup of tea or a good cup of coffee.

10.00 - 11.30 Plenary opening

We start this day with day chairman Desiree Hoving and a welcome speech by Marjan Oudeman chairman of the board of GroenvermogenNL.

Then Maarten Wetselaar, ceo of CEPSA, will have the floor. Based on his experiences in the Netherlands and Spain, he will discuss what is needed to successfully achieve a hydrogen economy.

Then, under the direction of Desiree Hoving, the living room discussion will take place with distinguished guests like, Richard van de Sanden, Jacqueline Vaessen, Allard Castelein,Marco Waas & Paulien Herder, who will explore the field.

We will conclude this morning session energetically. Let’s get moving together!

11:45 - 13:15: Parallel sessions morning

In this session, led by Desiree Hoving, you will get information about ongoing projects within GroenvermogenNL and at other organizations. In particular, we will discuss the connection of these innovations with the social relevance for accelerating the use of green hydrogen. Afterwards, there will be room for discussion with each other.

Hamed Aslannejad, René Peters, Linda Steg, Lennart van der Burg & Maria Fennis

There are significant financial resources available from various funds and programs to invest in the hydrogen transition, from production to the labour market. How do we use these resources efficiently? What direction do we want to steer the ecosystem towards? In this session, various speakers will present the challenges they face from their respective perspectives, ranging from large corporations to the education sector. Which bottlenecks can we collectively address? And where should we focus our attention even more? Let’s discuss these topics here!

Moderator Jan-jaap Aué, Theo Koster, Simone Maase & Arjan van der Stelt

The first hydrogen projects have been running for a while or are about to start. What do initiators run into? What would they do differently in the future? And what golden tips do they have for new projects? In this session, Jorg Gigler will talk to experts by experience. There will also be plenty of time for questions and suggestions from the audience.

Moderator Jörg Gigler, René Schutte, Alexandru Lepadatu & Carol Xiao

There is always money for a good idea. That’s what you always hear. It’s also true. In practice, getting your funding is not always easy. With your input of examples, you’ll get to hear about what makes an innovation project financeable in this workshop during an open discussion with the investor panel.

Moderator: Martin Weissmann., Financing Counter advisor for the Top Sector Energy.

In recent years, the Financieringsloket has been able to help more than half of the 700 innovative Dutch energy startups and scale-ups understand the financing landscape and find suitable financing and investors.

Moderator and inspirator: Alice Krekt, director of the new trade association for the Dutch hydrogen sector.

Where should the Netherlands earn its money in the future? And what role does hydrogen play in that? With sustainability as the reason, there is often talk about what is no longer needed in the Netherlands. And the call for independence from foreign countries is also growing. But what do we want? Which (sub)sectors or business activities should we definitely focus on? And what does it take to develop these, in our well-regulated and crowded country, on the coast? Starting from the small molecule of hydrogen, we do a ‘360-degree feedback’ on the Netherlands and the future of our economy. With the help of two inspirers, we explore the opportunities.

13:15 - 14:15: Networking lunch

Connection is key. A good time to discuss the insights just gained. With a good cup of coffee or tea and a tasty lunch.

14:15 - 15:45: Parallel sessions afternoon

An interactive session on green hydrogen: Explore the main research topics and challenges in the R&D work packages to be launched in 2024 around the use of green hydrogen in chemistry and for special applications such as packaging materials, paints, and pharmaceuticals.

During an interactive session led by Bert Weckhuysen, wwe will begin with GroenvermogenNL’s comprehensive insight on this topic, presented by our board member Paulien Herder. We will further discuss the approach with experts from universities, research institutes and companies. The input from the audience is the key to a fruitful discussion.

There are a number of important questions we want to answer:

  • What are the most important topics for research and development in these areas?
  • What results do we need to achieve?
  • What are the biggest challenges in terms of cost reduction and/or societal impact?

Ed de Jong, Martijn de Graaff, Marc Koper, Frank Geuzebroek, Guido Mul & Jan Jaap Nusselder.

Innovation requires a fresh perspective. Not only during the development of an idea, but also after the market introduction of the innovation. Too often, innovation puts too much emphasis on ‘technology’, while it is mainly people work. How do you organize ‘enriching’ innovation in practice? In this session, several speakers will give an insight into how they have enriched innovation processes; which approaches work and what results do they achieve? What do they still encounter? What are the differences between business and education approaches? How have they addressed the new labour needs created by innovation? We will discuss this and more in this session!
a href=””>Willem Hazenberg
a href=””>Neha Roy & a href=””>Kees Boer

Realizing a revenue model with green hydrogen not only requires support for producers and users who want to become more sustainable, but also provides opportunities for the Dutch manufacturing industry. In this session, you will gain insight into initiatives to help the manufacturing industry through test facilities. The aim is to improve their products and prove that it works – also in the long term. Then we will discuss the need for test facilities in the Netherlands. Think also about the Human Capital issue and questions about data etc.

Questions to be discussed:

  • What do we see (besides the price of hydrogen) as the main challenges for a large(er) role of hydrogen?
  • Why is a test facility so important? Why would it be nice to have it in NL?
  • Which types of equipments are “must haves”? For the shorter term (next 10 years) and for the longer term?

Moderator: Harry van Dijk
Sprekers: Rombout Swanborn, Bas Terlingen, Peter van Hooft, Rajat Bhardwaj & Carol Xiao.

Despite many opportunities, industrialization success cannot be taken for granted. In previous periods when we moved to new ways of using energy, many companies left the Netherlands and opportunities were not fully exploited. Also, promising Dutch frontrunners have not always been able to reach their full potential.

The hydrogen economy offers new opportunities at this time. A time when the manufacturing sector is cherished and when both fuel cells and electrolysers have been recognized by the European Commission as “Strategic Net Zero Industries”.

So what do these new opportunities look like? What can we achieve together and what do we need to do? These questions are the focus of this session. With this, we would like to gather ideas for a major national event for the manufacturing industry in the first quarter of 2024.
Moderator: Jelle Blekxtoon

In this session, we present the ambitions for hydrogen production from offshore wind. Why is it becoming more attractive to produce hydrogen at sea near the wind farms and not on land where the power comes ashore? What does this mean for the energy infrastructure in the North Sea and are we ready in time for this technology? In this session we will discuss a number of dilemmas and challenges where participants can contribute to the choices and solutions.
With speaker: René Peters

13:15 - 17:00 1-on-1 Speed dating sessions

Want feedback, tips, or connections with investors for your innovation? Join the Speeddate session with Martin Weissmann.

Then make a 1-on-1 appointment. The Financieringsloket of the Top Sector Energy gives you insight into the investment landscape and, if possible, refers you to investors. In this 10-minute appointment, you’ll hear what an initial response would be to your financing request and whether it’s worth making a follow-up appointment.

Target audience: startups, scale-ups and SMEs.

RVO advisors are ready to inform you about the various available subsidies. Sometimes it can be challenging to keep track of the many subsidy options.

To receive more information, you can request a personal meeting in which you can discuss your situation. You can schedule an appointment through the registration form. One week before the event, you will receive a time slot and a form with a project description that needs to be filled out. By completing this form in advance, we can ensure that the conversation runs efficiently.

16:00 - 18:00 Plenary closing and networking drinks

We will close the content programme together and have a drink together to make the last valuable connections.