GVNL-ECCM Graduate School 2024

The GVNL-ECCM Graduate School is a unique initiative designed to facilitate collaboration and inspiration in the field of electrochemistry. It is designed for those who want to make a difference in the energy transition and are keen to dive deeper into the electrochemistry field.

Why is the Graduate School interesting for you!

Hear more from the organisation and past students in this short video. The Graduate School offers students the opportunity to learn about fundamental concepts of electrochemistry and various applications.

The Graduate School offers students the opportunity to delve into fundamental concepts of electrochemistry and its various applications. The aim is to create a community where students can interact and learn from each other..

The event takes place annually and lasts for four days. During these days, professionals from the electrochemistry community gather to share knowledge and have fun. Besides thematic sessions, relaxation activities are also planned.

The GVNL-ECCM Graduate School offers a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge, gain contacts within the industry and further develop your passion for electrochemistry. Whether you are just starting your career or already have years of experience, this event promises to be interesting and inspiring for anyone interested in electrochemistry.

Please note that spots are limited and 50 are available. Pre-register now for the canditate selection procedure.

18 June–21 June 2024

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Witte Raaf, Duinweg 117, 2204 AT Noordwijk

For whom
The school is open to researchers from both scientific institutes and companies and aims for a balanced mix of participants.

What are the fees
PhD students and postdocs: € 380*
Industrial participants and lectoren: € 760*
*This includes tax, meals, activities and accommodation.

If you cannot make it, kindly cancel at your earliest convenience to allow others the opportunity. Following your selection to join our school, you have until May 16th to complete your payment.

Cancellation policies are as follows:

Before May 17, 2024: Full refund, minus €7.50 administration costs.
Between May 18 and June 7, 2024: 50% refund.
After June 8, 2024: No refund.
For no-shows, an additional €100 fee will be imposed on the school fee to offset reservation costs.

How to register for the selection process
There are 50 spots available and pre-registration closes on Monday, 1 April, 2024.
If you registered on time, we will contact you about your participation before the end of April, 2024.

When pre-registration closes, the organising committee will review the applications and make a selection among them. There is room for 50 participants. A healthy balance between industrial and academic participants and a representative geographical distribution will be sought. Priority will be given to researchers in their earlier career stages (PhDs versus postdocs) and candidates who have registered early.

Programme & Speakers

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