The call for Work Packages 1 and 7 of GroenvermogenNL’s R&D programme is expected to open in the second half of July. Starting then, knowledge institutions and companies can apply to work on a project plan focusing on carbon-neutral hydrogen (WP1) or socio-economic aspects and the implementation of hydrogen (WP7).

WP1: making carbon-neutral hydrogen
The aim of WP1 is to accelerate the large-scale, cost-efficient production of carbon-neutral hydrogen.

Subsidy budget of €35 million
In order to give an additional boost to the acceleration, it has been decided to use all of the WP 1 subsidy budget in one go. This means that a budget of €35 million will be available when the call opens.

Call scheduled to open in July
For the extended subsidy budget, executive organisation NWO is awaiting a decision from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). This is expected in July, after which the call for WP1 will open in the same month. If that happens, an information session will be held on location in September.

WP7: socio-economic aspects of hydrogen
WP7 focusses on socio-economic factors that are of influence in the introduction of hydrogen in the energy system and the preconditions required and possibilities for rapid and substantial upscaling. The research will revolve around such issues as public support, regulation, safety, and sustainable business models.

Subsidy budget increased to €12 million
A subsidy budget of €5.2 million had originally been set aside for the first WP7 call. In the second call, the plan was to make available the remaining portion of the total of €12 million. However, in order to make it possible to provide participating parties with substantial support, GroenvermogenNL has decided to use the whole €12 million budget now.

Call scheduled to open in mid-July
Since the amended budget requires approval, the call has been rescheduled to open in the second half of July. WP7 will then open with a subsidy amount of € 12 million or a subsidy amount of € 5.2 million (with the budget then set to be increased to € 12 million in September). After the call in July, GroenvermogenNL will join forces with NWO in organising an additional online information session in September.

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GroenvermogenNL: accelerating the use of green hydrogen GroenvermogenNL is a National Growth Fund (Nationaal Groeifonds) programme. It aims to promote and accelerate the use of green hydrogen in Dutch industry by facilitating R&D, pilot projects, demonstrations and the Human Capital Agenda. A total budget of €838 million has been set aside for this until 2028.