The first workshop for Work Package 3 (WP3) in GroenvermogenNL’s R&D programme was held from 8 to 10 May. Since then, representatives from knowledge institutions, businesses and public organisations have been working as a new consortium on an innovative project proposal for the direct use of green hydrogen. Co-funders and other parties are now welcome to join them.

WP3 focuses on innovations for the direct use of green hydrogen, in which systemic aspects such as safety and social acceptance also play a role. WP3’s first call opened at the end of 2022. Interested parties have put forward representatives for the workshops with a view to forming a consortium that will ultimately compile a single joint proposal.

Consortium and project proposal

The first workshop lasted from 8 to 10 May. With the support of process facilitators and specialist experts, the various attendees became further acquainted with each other. They set clear ground rules for their collaboration and knowledge-sharing based on a relationship of trust. A project manager and technical manager had already been appointed by the end of the second day. After that, the basis for a concrete project proposal began to take shape and the parties were able to draw up a list of tasks and action points that will be developed further in the weeks ahead.

Second workshop in late May

On Tuesday, 30 May, the parties will meet for the second workshop, which will again last 2.5 days. They are currently working on the project proposal. They will be approaching other parties for this purpose in order to further consolidate the consortium. The consortium will submit the proposal no later than 18 July. An international, independent committee will assess the quality of the consortium and the project proposal. A grant of up to €14 million is available for the proposal.

Would you like to join the consortium?

Now is the opportunity for co-funders and other collaborative partners to join the consortium. Not in order to take part in the next workshop, but to provide support to the project as a fully-fledged member of the consortium and ultimately become involved in actions relating to the project’s results. Are you interested? If so, please contact us. We will be happy to explore whether there is a potentially interesting match between you and the consortium’s project proposal.

GroenvermogenNL: accelerated adoption of green hydrogen The GroenvermogenNL programme is part of the National Growth Fund. It seeks to promote and accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen by Dutch industry, and focuses on R&D, pilot projects, demo projects and a Human Capital Agenda. A total budget of €838 million has been reserved for this, up to and including 2028.

More information

Read more about WP3 op de website van GroenvermogenNL website or at the executive organization NWO. Or put any questions you have about this work package or the R&D programme to Sofia Derossi, Programme Manager R&D: